Lol, many of you must have been wondering, why would I buy myself a mansion in heaven? What is this lady saying now? And so on. I don't know how it sounds to you though, but I have just one question for you all before proceeding with this write up. Please think deeply before arriving at an answer in your heart. What exactly is your greatest fear?
    Many people have what they fear, some say their fear is ending up in the wrong marriage, to some, their fear is not being rich and successful in life, to some, their greatest fear is not living long on earth, and many more. Do you wish to know what my own greatest fear is? If your answer to that is Yes, then you have to stick with me till the end of this article and I promise to tell you.
    If you have read any of my articles, especially the one I wrote about overcoming fear, you would notice where I wrote that "everything settles down to choice".
    Firstly, I would like to begin by telling you that the fact that you are reading this article means that you have made a choice to live, not give up, and the fact that you still live means that you always still have the hope, opportunity and many other things that life has to offer. After life has offered you with all these things, it is still your choice to either choose to go for the offers or not go for the offers. You know, nothing comes easy, especially when it is a good thing.            Many people have great dreams of achieving a lot in life, but when they get to the edge of taking a step(that edge that seems like you are standing on a mountain pinnacle), many people just stop there. Why? Because they are scared. Some will not even stop there, some would go back and be like, " no, i can't do this".
    Look, there is no way you can escape reaching that edge in life, except if you never dreamt of becoming great in life. But guess what? There are still people who risk everything to jump off that pinnacle. Those are the people that I would regard as "the serious ones", because they took a step, they made a move. I tell you what, when you jump, only three things can happen; you either:

  • Jump and fall on something hard,
  • Jump and fall on something soft,
  • Or jump and fly.
    Fact is, either way, the fact that you jumped in the first place should mean that you can boldly stand up again. You keep rising and rising until you fly like the others. So when you fly, it means you have become successful, it also means you have attained your goal, you have met your dream of becoming wealthy in life. But the sad news is, that is JUST in life, what about afterlife? What happens when we leave this earth? what happens when we stop breathing?
    Life, we know, is just vanity. The money we have, the friends we get, the memories we keep, our families, our moments are all in vain. When we leave here what are you willing to do? What do you think your life after death would look like or be like?
    So that was why I chose the topic, buy a mansion in heaven or paradise or janat. If you live right obey God at all times and develop a good soul and heart, then you would not have a problem about where you are going. That is what I call "success". Now, back to my promise, I would love to tell you now that my greatest fear is leaving earth and NOT making it to heaven/paradise.


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