Firstly I would like to address the issue of “life doing people”. It seems funny to me when people says and believes that someone is out there doing them. Well let’s get out of that, cut the crap and I would like to say that Life itself is not fair, I suppose that’s just what the people mean to believe, but you know, misunderstandings come up at times. Life is not favourable to everyone, and just like everything else, whatever has a beginning definitely has an end, so calm down, it won’t last long when it is unfair,

Everything has its principles, and so does Life. You can only enjoy Life when you understand its principles and abide by it. In this article, I want to talk about the “happiest periods” of our lives. Permit me to ask, what are the happiest moments of your life? What have you imagined in the future to be a source of joy to your soul? Is it marriage? Making money and being wealthy? Making children? Getting your school certificates? Having good health? Surviving that cancer? Surviving that disease? Dining with the greatest people in life? And so on. In this article, I aim to inform you that the happiest periods of your life could end up being the saddest, so hey, be careful!
Have you ever wondered why people finally get “there” and lose it all? Or even lose their lives? Well I usually do wonder and with my little knowledge, I have been able to arrive at some answers to the above question. At the end of this article, I would like you all to comment about this article to widen my knowledge, so you should give your own answers to the question above too.
My first answer to that question is, People’s “happiest moments” turns out to be the saddest because of their behaviours toward that moment. I know many people are wondering why I’m saying that and how that can even be possible. Well, it is said that “the enemy outside cannot kill you if the enemy within does not kill you. That means that YOU can kill YOU! How’s that possible? It is possible when you are physically overjoyed when good things come your way by talking it all to people that appear to be your friends when truly, they are your enemies. You fail to recognize one principle of life that states that “you only know the outward part of your fellow man but you can never know the inward part of that man”, so because of that, you just think everyone that smiles at you is your friend. Well, I tell you now that not everyone that’s around you truly loves you. Most of them would wish that what you have is theirs and because of that, they are not happy with what you have and some of them would do anything to make sure that you lose it.

Secondly, your family and the few people you trust can make your happiest moments the saddest. Hey I don’t mean to insult your family, because I have a family I love too! So kindly read through. These people are the ones you trust so well, but if they are talkative and if they are the kinds of people that boast of what they have or what they are worth, your success is at risk when they know about it. It is not easy to have a family member that is succeeding and you wouldn’t want to talk to your friends about him/her, so I don’t blame them anyways for that action, it’s just that if those friends mostly are not really happy with the success of your relative, then something bad might happen.

You all might be wondering why I have been talking about peoples though towards us and be like, “how will someone else’s thoughts towards me come to pass? After all it’s just some thought”. Look, its not just “some thought” like you think, it is way more than just that, because your thought can become a reality. When you think about something so well, it will affect your action, and you would want to work towards it. That is just how it can become a reality.
So what can best be done? I tell you that the best thing to do is, whenever good things come your way, you need to be extra careful who you tell. In fact, you can put some people to test by giving them information that is the opposite of the good news and look into their eyes, study their reaction. By then, you might tell who loves you and who doesn’t. Another thing you can do is, keep your good news to yourself, do not tell anybody. If you have any more ideas to put up, kindly place your comments below, thank you.


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