Fraudulent UNDERGRADUATE stole 1million naira worth of phones!!

    UNDERGRADUATE boy plays FRAUDULENT as he bought phones worth 1million naira from a phone seller,  Azeez Bakare , with a fake debit alert!
     The Lagos state university student,  Eric Idowu was reported to have faked his identity by changing his name to Adeleke when he ordered for 3 iPhones which includes a new iPhone X and two other used iPhones that we're altogether worth  a million naira. The person he ordered the phones from is a Nigerian corper who is known to sell phones, especially iPhone and Samsung products.  That day,  he received a call from this guy who identified himself as Adeleke, asking for the 3 iPhone products to be delivered to him.  That evening,  Azeez the phone seller went to deliver the phones to Adeleke and after Adeleke checked the phones to test if they are workingworking,  he asked for Azeez's bank details and then later showed Azeez the debit alert on his phone.  A while passed before Adeleke said that he wanted to switch on his generator downstairs . That was the last time Azeez saw him.
    Azeez has reported to the police department,  and when they went back to Adeleke's resident, they arrested someone there named Adeleke. Azeez dialed the number that the thief had used to call him with an application called "true caller", and the picture and real name of the thief was revealed. That's how he knew that his real name is Eric Idowu. The picture was shown to the arrested guy,  and he claimed to know the thief  to be someone he saw in the neighborhood.
    This case has been reported to the SARS department,  and at hand,  the thief , ERIC IDOWU has NOT been found . Just in case you see him anywhere , or hear about him anywhere , please notify me on my mail at It is highly possible that ERIC IDOWU is somewhere FAKING his NAME and his IDENTITY , and even going to the extent of DISGUISING himself to be somebody he's not,  but please , whenever any suspected movement of him is noticed by you,  let me know in the mail address above . His picture will be uploaded just after this post for more information . Thank you!


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