This picture isn't today's though.  I just want to let you know more about me, which may develop another group discussion for us.
    I live a very simple life and thanks to God, I have a really simple view of life generally.
In one sentence, if I were to define life from my point of view, I'd just say, "if you want to live life peacefully and successfully, don't attempt to force things in every ramification."
    My dear people😊, this life we have is too short to force;

  1. people to love you,
  2. People to support you,
  3. People to trust you,
  4. Money to be yours,
  5. People to stop backbiting against you, and so much more that we encounter on daily basis (you can list more things you face in the comment section).
    All you need in life is the food to eat, and a place to lay your head. One good thing you should know is, wherever you find yourself in this world, do not expect everyone to love and support you. Whether they backbite against you or not is none of your business. It is even sometimes better for you to know that they backbite against you than for them to pretend to love you when they really don't.
    All that you should believe in, love and trustarare yourself. Mind your business and face your life, that is the most important thing to do, if not, you might end up killing yourself with useless thoughts.
    Let me share something with you, there are a whole lot of people who dislike me badly, both those I know and those that I don't even know from anywhere, but I still live! How? I just don't care. I know they do but I don't care. The only way you can bail your heart out of sicknesses and diseases (that results from thinking and bothering) is by ignoring all the things you hear people say about you negatively!
    The only way you can bail yourself out of lack of achievement is by ignoring what you hear people say about you positively! That's the only way you can focus! And you know, being focused is the most important thing you need to end up being successful.
    You want to live for a purpose, don't you? You don't wanna die without being recognized as an existent person here on earth do you? If affirmative, please abide by all that I have said above, if you have any questions or anything we should discuss, click on the comment section and let's talk! And if you like/love this post, kindly like and follow me. Thank you.


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