Overcoming FEAR


   I tell you there are sometimes in life when you fall down, and you feel like you don't have the strength to get back up. There are some things in life that are out of your control that you can't change, and the only choice we have is either to give up, or to keep on going. There is a law of nature with is that of season, sometimes there is winter and someone might be thinkin, "I can't wait this long", but it is for a while, you don't know how long it will last, but definitely, it will pass
    Happiness is a choice. You need to choose to not let the outside negativities influence you, you gotta choose happiness and not let anyone take that from you. That fear we feel always is just a feeling. Fear is just a feeling like any other feeling of love, happiness, peace, etc., but its just that we have given fear the most power of all the feelings we encounter. FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real. We fear being judged, we fear taking risks, we fear going into a next relationship, and we fear so many more things, meanwhile, fear is just a story we write about our future that we are not even sure will happen yet. We just form the story. Lets take for example, I tell my friends that I fear going into another relationship because I might get hurt, then I eventually accept to date this guy, and because of that fear that was in me before, I am limited to love my man truly, and of course I get hurt. Then I go back to tell my friends that " you see? I told you I'd  get hurt!". That was the story I pictured and I played along all because of the FEAR that was in me. Fear limits us, it limits us from loving truly, it limits us from being truly happy, it only cages us in depression, hatred, etc.
    In order to live well and right, you firstly need to learn to forgive, because that is where healing starts. You need to forgive yourself and forgive everyone who hurt you in the past and move on. Everything settles down to CHOICE. You alone can choose to live a life without fear, you can choose to be happy, choose not to be depressed, choose to love and love truly.
    The only time you truly fail is when you fall and FAIL to RISE UP again. It doesn't  matter how many times you fall, in fact, it is better to choose to fall a million times than to never try to fall in the first place because of fear; because the fact that you fell a million times shows that you gave a try, that you jumped. The fact that you fell shows that you took a step. I don't know about you but for me, my fear is not that I die, my fear is that I die without the world knowingof my existence, without the world knowing that I was here.
    So it doesn't matter what you face or who you are, or whatever you think is limiting you from making it, you just need to get up and start something! Anything at all! Stop saying NO to yourself, if the world yells you NO, if your friends and family or teachers tell you that you can't do anything, prove them wrong! They are not YOU, so they have no right to judge you in the first place, YOU are YOU, and there is NOBODY out there that can know you than you do you! Forget what they say, it doesn't matter to you, it can't help you anyway, it will only pull you down if you keep it! Just look at them back and say in your mind, "I alone know where I aim to belong, so whatever you say, you will never be bold to repeat it the next 2-5years you see me again, I promise you", and don't just say it, work towards it.
    My final note to you comes from a popular saying we hear always, and it is, As long as you're still here on earth, you still have hope. So Don't give up!
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