Hey guys! Today I am feeling excited and I would like to let you all be informed about some really great improvements on this newbie blog. As a new blog created me, without any technical skills, it has not been really perfect actually. In fact, I had created about three blogs before this one emerged. And even though this one emerged, it was previously named spends all.com, but today, I changed it to whattuneed.com. I did that for some reasons and you might learn from them if you ever try to create your own blog.
    I needed to buy a domain for the previous name, spendsmall com, but there was no domain name for that particular spelling and making corrections on my blog, on my facebook page, twitter page and so on would be so stressful so I had to check out for a new domain name that I can buy, and that was when I saw this one... Whattuneed.com. so if you need to create a blog, go on to GoDaddy.com or bluehost.com to ensure first that your intended blog title exists for sale and at an affordable price!
    Secondly, The kind of topic you use matters a lot. I never knew that! I used spendsmall.cok, and unknowingly, people were scared to click that link because they think that I want to compulsorily spend their money, probably scam them😂. WWell, m so sorry if it ever made you feel that way, I'm still a learner in this and I really am trying my best daily to understand this blogging job.
    Third and most importantly, I will be starting my youtube postings from this week by Gods grace and I would share my videos on this blog each time I post.
    For everyone that has been here on this blog with me, and for all the newcomers, I want to thank you so much and let you know that I love you so much.


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