Many people may start to wonder, why did she say or conclude that I only choose to get angry with whomever I get angry with? Does she know what she's saying at all? Lol
    Well ladies and gentlemen, why don't you sit back, chill a little and read this article till the end before you raise your opinions?

Okay hello there just so I hope you know, my name is Adekemi favour, you can call me Amour too.
    Now let me get straight to explanation. For a very quick understanding of my topic, I would quickly like to tell you all a short story. It goes like this;
    I so much respect my church pastor and I would do anything to please him because I always believe that when I please him, I please God and everyone wants to please God right?
    So there was this fateful day when I just ended a 21days dry fasting; before leaving the house to a church that day I had prepared my favorite dish, jollof rice and chicken. So I got home from church after the hot prayers only to find my younger sister eating the last spoon of my food!!! Omg, I couldn't hold it anymore I took out my stiff belt and whipped the hell out of her! But you know what? If it were given that I was about to start eating that meal and my pastor came in, I would have offered him the food and laugh with him until he eats it all up? Even if I'm not genuinely happy within.
    How did you see that story? With that story, would you now be on my side to say that we only choose to get angry with whomever we want to get angry with? Or do you have a different view? Please lets talk in the comment section. Thanks!


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