Welcome friends, I have been expecting you, and I tell you what, I love the fact that you are as ready to make tons and tons of money online as I am. We obviously are in the internet and technology age now and you are not making a mistake by thinking of making your financial dreams come true online; plus, you are not late! You are still early, and as time passes, the internet is getting easier and more flexible to use. So! Let’s get right to it as quick as we can! Shall we?
    I’m sure that most of you must have checked my most recent video on YouTube that speaks about making money online simply by surfing the internet and that is why you are here to learn more. Well, when I mean that you can get paid for surfing the internet, I do not mean that the internet would be paying you, lol, so take that off your mind if that’s what you’re thinking. Actually, there are websites that are controlled at the backend by people like you and me, and these websites are the ones that are willing to pay you and I just to surf the internet for them. Some of you might be thinking that “if these people are paying me to surf the internet, what would be their own gain? Are they crazy?” and so on. Lol, you deserve to think that way because I thought the same way until I finally understood why they do this. The simple answer to this is that these people are mostly researchers who have been assigned to get some information from across the globe for some specific reasons unknown to us, and they have been paid to do that! Plus, since we are in the internet age, even as easy as it might seem to surf the internet themselves, it is still not as easy for them to do it as it would be so easy for people in the specific parts of the globe to do it themselves. I don’t want y’all to get confused so I’ll just go straight to these websites.

  1.  RESPONDENT: This site is a very simple way to make nothing less than $100 in 1hour. This site is basically a research study website that allows you to sign up for free and carry out surveys. These surveys include interesting tasks to perform including website testing. Amazing yeah? To start earning lots of money on this site, do not hesitate to click Here ASAP!
  2.  UTEST: This is a website that pays a huge sum of money to testers (that is what we are called, because we are actually helping them to surf the internet and taking tests, which is just like surveys) just for performing specific tasks allocated to them. First of all, it requires NO money for registrations or signups. All you need to do is sign up to become a tester, and sacrifice minutes/ hours to take the tests. You definitely are required to have a computer device, your fast internet connection, and a screen recording application. They usually require you to have a screen recorder most times to know how and what your browser looks like when performing some tasks. After your test, you are paid via PayPal, which is like the most popular form of transferring money online from across the world. Don’t worry if PayPal does not work in your country, you can transfer your money from your PayPal account to your payoneer account or to your local bank account. So you get a minimum of 10usd and you can get tests that will pay you 80usd as well. It depends on what test it actually is. Now, imagine you sacrifice 6 hours of a day and get 10usd per hour, you already make 60usd! Isn’t that great? If you want to get instant access to this website, click here
  3.  TRYMYUI: here is another website guys that is ready to make you passively rich in weeks! On this website, you can make about a thousand (1000)usd in a week, sounds good yeah? It is a free signup too, and ofcourse you need your computer, your internet connectivity, your screen recorder, and your PayPal account. Once you have these four requirements, you are in for money just by taking some time to take the tests. To get an instant access to this mind-blowing website quickly, click
  4.  USERFEEL: How would you feel if you were only paid to provide your personal thoughts on various websites? To spice it all up, I’d like to gladly inform you that making money on this site costs you nothing more than 10-20 minutes to just take a simple test and get paid $10. However, payments are made via PayPal at the end of each and every week. Start now by clicking here
  5. USERLYTICS: Here, you only have to give feedback on websites (just like in userfeel) and get paid. Additional to userfeel’s concept is that this site also pays you to give feedbacks on applications, concepts, prototypes, and lots more. While trying to register, you would be required to complete an assignment, and as soon as you become a registered tester for this website, you start getting $10 per task also via PayPal. To start up with this site, click here now
  6. WHATUSERSDO: Also related to Userfeel and Userlytics is this website which pays you to give a feedback on websites. All you need to do is get registered by filling out the short and simple application form, and then your tasks would be sent to you via your email address. Each test take about 20minutes and interestingly, this site pays 8euros, which, if estimated to the dollar currency, is about $13. Plus, you get paid via PayPal every 25th of each month. click me
  7. TESTINGTIME: This site amazingly pays huge money which starts from 40euros only for you to conduct a study for them. Each study is conducted via Skype, and the study takes between 30-90 minutes. Another amazing fact about this site is that they pay you within 5-10 days via PayPal. To start earning this huge sum, why don’t you click here
  8. PINGPONG: Another interesting site that definitely pays a huge sum of money is this site. It actually pays you nothing less than 50euros, and when you work more, you earn more. You do not need to work much, you just need to take their simple surveys and start earning. To start up here, click here
  9. STARTUPLIFT: Startuplift actually pays you $5 via PayPal for you to just keep answering questions about websites that are just starting up. How it works is, each company provides their websites and gives tasks for you to perform. To gain straight access to this site, click here
  10. USERZOOM: If you do not have a computer or a Laptop device and you have been wondering how to can join the clique of online money makers, here is where you belong. This site actually pays you a minimum of $5 to perform usability tests which takes you about 10-20 minutes, and you get paid via PayPal between 10-14 business days after the completion of the study. To get started, click here now
  11. VALIDATELY: The Validately site literally pays testers to complete mobile and website tests for companies. Something different and exceptional about this site is that the pay varies from one another. Some tests which take just 5 minutes of your time will pay you $5, and some other tests which will take 30minutes of your time will pay you $25. Once you sign up and start taking tests, you will get paid via PayPal within 5 business days of the test. To get started, Click validately
  12. USERTESTING: This cool website pays you a minimum of $10 to work for just 20minutes. You will definitely take surveys after registering to become a tester, and you will start earning via PayPal. Start earning by clicking here
  13. LOOP11: This website is a owned by a company that is based in Australia, and it takes submissions for testers, so you are free to register and become a tester on the site. This site has been in existence since 2009 and there are positive testimonies on how great this site is. To try this site out, click loop11
  14. ENROLL: You can surely make another extra 10cents income by testing websites through this site on your smart phone or on your computer device just in seconds! To register for this site costs you nothing much at all, all you need to submit is your email address, password and your most preferred method of testing. After registration, you’ll get your tasks via your email address, and of course get paid via PayPal. Get started by clicking here
  15. TEST IO: On this site, you get a minimum of $50 paid straight to your Payoneer/PayPal/Skrill/local bank account just for you to test websites, applications and games. It is really much more amazing because it pays high and then it is very much possible for you to get your funds straight into your bank account, so literally anyone in the world can work on this site. If you are a excited as I am about this site, kindly click here

To round it all up, I wouldn’t advise you to start up with just 1 of the above-listed sites; I would rather implore you to pick up 3 or even all of these to work on. Time is very much expensive, so you don’t want to waste your time doing things that won’t pay you a penny. Plus, none of the above listed sites require any technical skill nor do they require your money, so I personally do not see a reason why you shouldn’t go ahead and start making tons and tons of money with any or all of those sites. If you loved this article, kindly like, subscribe to my channel, and place comments for me to reply. Thank you so much.


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