You are all welcome to crypstone
global prospects, I will be presenting a business opportunity that rides on the
wings of the new disruptive technology of blockchain. I would present it in the
form of questions and answers so it doesn't look like a long essay
What is crypstone?
Crypstone global is an Indigenous
company that serves as a wallet provider, payment processor, investment
platform and an exchange platform where you can buy and sell bitcoin directly
from and to your bank account without a third party.
Is crypstone registered?
Yes, the company is registered
and also got approved by Fintech.  Kindly
view registration certificate below.

Where is their office located?
Crypstone office is located at no
29 ladipo kasumu street, off Allen Avenue ikeja Lagos.
What are Cryptstone into?
Crypstone Global has the
following Products which ensures that they stand ahead and deliver standard
1) BITCOIN WALLET like you may know about blockchain,
Crypstone is a wallet provider where you can store your bitcoins and do
transaction with lowest transaction fees
2) EXCHANGE PLATFORM Crypstone provides a platform where you
can readily convert your naira to bitcoin and bitcoin to naira without worrying
about third party involvement.
3) PAYMENT PROCESSOR Crypstone Global is creating
partnership with several businesses and financial institutions to ensure that
Bitcoin is not just a commodity you buy, hold and sell, But can be used for
daily transactions for goods and services.
4) BITCOIN ATM CARD The breakthrough is on the way.. You can
now look forward to having a bitcoin card which you can use to withraw naira
from any regular ATM MACHINE whiles equivalent of withdrawal is debited from
your Bitcoin Wallet
5) CST PACK The CST pack is the investment pack management
which ensures that you earn 6% weekly ( 1.2% daily, Moday to Friday ) for 26
weeks which is 6 months on your investment with Crypstone Global.
How does it work?
Each CST pack is $50(is #18,500),
so let’s say you start with 4 pcks, thats $200(73,000). You earn 6% of $200
weekly for 26weeks. 6% of $200 is $12(#4,380). So you earn four thousand three
hundred and eighty naira weekly. You get up to #113,880 or more from your
#73,000 investment.
I started with one pack; can I buy more packs when I am more
Yes you can, provided you have
not gotten up to 5,000 packs
How do I join?
What is the minimum and maximum pack to buy?
Minimum package is 1 while
maximum is 5,000 CST pack.
When can I start withdrawing from crypstone?
You can withdraw once you have up
to $5. This simply means that depending on how much you join with, you can
withdraw the next day.
If I click on withdrawal when will I get my money?
You get paid same day, not up to
30minutes most times.  Personally, all my
withdrawals are less than 10mins.
Plus, on CRYPTSTONE, there’s quite a variety of levels, and
I would explain them quickly.
Once you register and invest, you
are qualified to start earning 10% of every purchase made by your direct
referrals which is available for withdrawal instantly.
With 5 Direct team pack ( TTP)and
10 Total team pack (TTP),  you upgrade to
an Enthusiast and start earning + $25 Special Bonus, Affiliate Rewards, 10%
-1st level,  3% - 2nd level .
Here, with 10 Direct team packs
(DTP) and 50 Total team packs (TTP), You upgrade to a Leader rank. Then, you
start earning + $50 Special Bonus, Affiliate Rewards 1st level - 10%, 2nd level
- to 8 level 3%.
With 20 Direct team packs (DTP),
and 200  Total Team packs (TTP), You
upgrade to a Master rank, and earn + $100 master*Special Bonus, Affiliate
Reward, 1st level -10% 2nd level to 8th level -3%, 9th level to 10th level - 1%.
With 40 Direct Team packs (DTP)
and 500 Total Team Packs (TTP), You upgrade to a Veteran and earn + $200
Veteran special bonus, Affiliate Rewards, 1st level - 10%, 2nd level to 8th
level - 3%, 9th level to 12th level -1%.
With 500 Direct Team Packs (DTP) and
2000 Total team packs (TTP), you upgrade to an ambassador, Affiliate Rewards,
1st level - 10%, 2nd level  to 8th level
- 3%, 9th level to 12th level -1%, $600 monthly car Maintenance for 24 months, All
expense paid trip to both local and international conferences.
With 1000 Direct Team Packs (
DTP) and 5000 Total Team Packs (TTP), you start earning Affiliate Rewards,-1st
level - 10%, -2nd level  to 8th level -
3%, -9th level to 12th level -1%, - $600 monthly car maintenance for 24 months,
-$900 house allowance (Total bonus per month $1,500), -All expense paid trip to
both local and international conferences.
You can start building your way
up to your financial target with the collective effort of you and your team
mates.  Only $30,000 max can be withdrawn
in a day by each user.

How do I pay the money if I don't have bitcoin?
With your naira you can buy
directly from crypstone app or I can help you get direct funding while you
deposit my account if you don't want to go through the stress of buying from
crypstone App.
You should NOTE that CRYPSTONE is officially in the
following countries and growing. For now, it exists in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and
Again, to start out with this amazing MAKING MONEY ONLINE
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